Justin P. Wayoro

"God's gift to you is your talent.. what you do with it is your gift to him. -JPW"

Filmmaker • Entrepreneur • Visionary

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Justin P. Wayoro is an award winning writer, director and producer.  The outcome of his work presents information in a way that is both accessible and memorable. Wayoro continues to explore new ideas and adapt new technology to design visual media that entertains and educates others. He creates an environment where innovation and creativity thrives and instills contagious energy and enthusiasm into his team.

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Giving Back

Mr. Wayoro is also very active in his community, setting a great example for the youth and believes that giving back through community action creates an incredible return that has no price tag.


About Justin P. Wayoro
Don’t be afraid to examine your weaknesses. In them you’ll find some of your greatest potential.

Justin P. Wayoro has conceptualized and effectively implemented his passion to augment visual media standards by launching JPW Reliance Media Group and Vent2Wire. The latter is designed for film projects whilst the former was created to assist small businesses in marketing, visual media, branding and promoting faith-based concepts. As the founder, he transmits a culture of commitment to high quality product provision by servicing customer needs and a focus on life-reforming content that impacts life quality locally and internationally.

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Get Connected “God’s gift to you is your talent but what you do with it is your gift to him.”

Award-winning filmmaker and entrepreneur. The outcome of my work presents information in a way that is both accessible and memorable.

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Video Productions

Motion Picture Projects & Films Committed to producing inspiring and informative projects.



My Perfect Gentleman

“My Perfect Gentleman” is a film written and directed by award-winning producer Justin P. Wayoro. Inspired by the Gospel of Job.Leader actor struggles to have the faith of Job when he suffers defeat after defeat. Read more.
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Be Inspired Ministries

The series was created to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, to let Christianity reach into dark places and bring light. The series is comprised of testimonies of Christians sharing testimonies and intimate stories.
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